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May 7, 2020- HPD Teleconference: OPSEU reports support for all health care workers receiving pandemic pay; final direction to hospitals may not be complete until May 15th. 

April 30, 2020- HPD Teleconference: OPSEU 'conversations re: pandemic pay are not over'

April 23, 2020- Ongoing advocacy meetings with OHA

April 22, 2020- Exposure resources posted; pregnancy resource posted

April 21, 2020- Local executive virtual meeting re: giving back to Niagara

April 15, 2020- New Exposure resources coming soon.

April 10, 2020- This page is updated weekly; please visit regularly.

March 27, 2020-Thank you!

Many thanks to all Hospital Professionals for going above and beyond in these rapidly changing times. This is a space to assist you to find or connect with needed information. 

Know that OPSEU and the Hospital Professional Division is working tirelessly to advocate on the many issues that may concern you. Please reach out to a steward and/or your Joint Health and Safety Representative should you need advice. 

Stay informed, stay well.

Your Local Executive, Local 215